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Hello, Orphen Fans! Wake up!

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you are my savior! I was thinking i'd never see this figure again
oops i hit enter before i wanted too! anyways, i saw this a long time ago back when i though the price was madness (well i recall it being less than a hundred, that retail price is crazy) but now that i've been collecting figures I have new perspective (that and i'm getting a paycheck lol).

but yea it's been years since i saw this thing. i've never actually played/watched orphen ^^;; i remember the game looked cool but damn that was years ago. yes i am rambling because i'm ecstatic over the link you posted.


April 14 2009, 14:00:18 UTC 8 years ago

There is someone here! XD
I have seen in Japanese pages that Akita has created Orphen's sequel, where it seems to be that it is Cleao the protagonist, as they tell here she has a more mature character and the hair is cut, I believe that she is looking for Orphen but i don´t know very well, the only thing that I know is that Cleao is the protagonist and accompanies Magic. Do you know something more?