Fredericko! (mangabother) wrote in tower_of_fang,

Wow Long time


It has been soo long since this was last updated!! I have been a bit of a Slayers nut recently!!

I am gonna attempt to post some Illustrations soon from the Orphen Haguretabi series and the DX encyclopedia!

I was on ebay the other day and kind of went crazy lol So I ended up buying the remaining 7 Haguretabi novels I need to complete the 20 volume collection and also ended up Buying Slayers vs Orphen as well!

I think the Illustrations you can download anyway for Slayers vs Orphen but I may attempt to translate the Orphen novels in to English, as I think it has not been attempted yet....... Or maybe it has lol I aint seen anything of the novels yet though online!.

Cannot wait to get them.
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