Fredericko! (mangabother) wrote in tower_of_fang,

Sorcerer stabber Majic!


I found this Illustration in volume 14 of the Orphen Haguretabi novels. The novel is called "Waga kokoro motome yo akumu"¤t=Photo7.jpg

I really like it for some reason haha

I have all 20 Haguretabi novel's which I am super happy about. Once I can read more kanji and understand some of the more advanced grammer I'm gonna read all these non stop and then attempt to translate them... From what I've seen online no one has attempted to translate them into English yet. I think it's because it's kind of difficult to actually find all 20 novels.

Also I have the Slayers vs Orphen novel and CD too

If you look at my Photobucket account, under the same album that the Magic image is in I took pics of everything you get with Slayers vs Orphen. Sadly the CD only works on PC >.> I use Mac!
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