teh aplacolups beastie colleen (kuwaizair) wrote in tower_of_fang,
teh aplacolups beastie colleen

tower of fang pendent

Its been forever and I had been slacking for months, but here I am, with my promice.
spoilers and big images inside
this is made from ceramic(i think), I sculpted one just like it out of clay from the ground up, using various images of the pendent the kiwa(thats right isn't it?) students wear. The orginal was sacrifced to create -a mold- so here it is, a way to big pendent that should of been smaller and plastic or metal (for cosplay purposes) these images are the same thing only in sunlight and not in direct sunlight.

now, my delema is the idea of "gee this is fan art, can I sell it? is that 'legal' or "moral"?
I don't know what you can do untill I can make plastic-y ones, I guess find a way to mount them on the wall, or have an "orphen paperweight". from sword to head, it is 5 inches, from maximum wing span pretty much the same.
and half an inch or so thick.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

anway would anyone want one?
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